10 Big Health Benefits of Berberine

Few supplements have garnered as much buzz as berberine, a compound found naturally in barberry root, goldenseal, and other herbs. Berberine is deeply rooted in traditional medicine practices and has more recently emerged as a multifaceted health powerhouse. From steadying blood sugar to supporting the cardiovascular system, berberine is transforming the way we support metabolic health.

Normalizes blood sugar

Combining berberine with healthy lifestyle changes can really boost the impact on blood sugar. Berberine steadies blood sugar levels by making the body more efficient at moving glucose from the blood into its cells, where it is put to good use. It also restricts how much sugar is absorbed from food during digestion. Plus, berberine can work surprisingly fast—some people have seen their fasting blood sugar levels drop by as much as 20 percent after just three months of taking berberine supplements.

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