15 Positive Statements to Help You Avoid Confrontations with Toxic People

Final Thoughts on Trying These Fifteen Positive Statements to Help You Avoid Confrontations

Since it is impossible to avoid toxic people altogether, you must learn to avoid confrontations. Of course, there will be times when this isn’t possible, but you can reduce the amount of conflict you experience.

These positive statements will help you avoid unnecessary conflict and set boundaries. By lightening the mood, changing the subject, or being firm (but positive), you can change the conversation’s tone. You may even change the toxic person’s mood for a while, allowing them to experience a little positivity.

You don’t deserve to deal with negativity and toxicity from anyone, and you don’t have to. Always remember that positivity will get you farther than negativity, though. Speak up using these positive statements, and you will be avoiding confrontations while staying cheerful and kind.

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