3 strategies for startups to sustain their growth

If you are a startup, from the early stages you should be considering having various strategies that allow you to move your company forward.

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24, 2021

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Being the founder of a startup is already a challenge in itself; since they face different situations: monetary capacity and knowledge to take off a business, survive the competition, an already volatile economy, the often changing and unpredictable market, that is why you must take the necessary measures to be able to sustain the growth of your company.

If you are a startup, from the early stages you should be considering having various strategies that allow you to move your company forward, understand the market they want to penetrate, know how they are going to enter and how you are going to reach your customers, for what which the consulting firm G2, a firm specialized in startups, gives you the following recommendations:

1. Create a marketing strategy and take advantage of those free tools that you can use, do not underestimate this strategy, as it will help you to make yourself known and attract customers. We know that when you are in the early stages of growth, such a strategy can go out of your way because you have a limited budget and because you don’t consider it a priority. However, it is relevant and you do need to start exposing your brand to the market.

2. Seek to be relevant to your client. Be relevant it has everything to do with what is outstanding, outstanding, important and significant and stands out because it is sustainable over time. For this to happen, always keep your customer’s landscape in mind.

You must understand that customers have changed their habits, have a greater range of purchase options, are more connected and are multi-channel. Try to be much more empathetic with them, asking yourself questions like: What is the best way to stay close to them? What is the communication channel that you use most frequently? What problems are they currently experiencing? Do your products or services help them solve any of their problems? What is the value you place on your products and services? Why do your clients choose you? These are some of the questions you should be asking yourself to reinforce your relevance.

3. High quality customer service must be permanent as it optimizes relationships with your consumers, on the one hand, they buy more and recommend your services to other people. According to the 2020 Zendesk Customer Experience Trends Report, 57% of surveyed customers consider customer service the number one attribute that makes them feel loyal to a brand.

A startup that is starting and growing its processes must take into account strategies that will allow it to have sustainable growth, if you are a company that wants to implement them but has no idea how to do it, approach an expert.

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