30 Ways to Say I’m Proud of You to Someone Special

16. Do you have any idea how amazing you are?

This rhetorical question lets that special someone know that you are proud of all the things they have done. It shows that you recognize their talents and abilities, that you are paying attention to their success.

17. Let’s do something to celebrate because you deserve it.

Celebrating someone’s accomplishment is a great way to tell them that you are proud of them. By doing something to celebrate, you let the person know that you think they did something remarkable.

18. You are such an inspiration and role model for those around you.

There is no better compliment than to tell someone they are a good role model. When you recognize that they are doing something others should strive for, you make it clear that you are proud.

19. Your ideas never fail to impress me.

Not everyone can come up with great ideas, so if you know someone that does, let them know. Thoughts turn into reality, and ideas can help you figure out how to do things. Anyone that can come up with good ideas and put them to good use will be happy to hear this phrase.

20. That wasn’t an easy feat, and you got it done!

When something requires extra effort, don’t forget to recognize the fact. Achieving something that wasn’t easy could be about something at work or in a person’s home life. If you know that it was even a little hard for them, use this phrase for added encouragement.

21. I can’t stop bragging about you!

If you find yourself bragging about someone in your life, let them know. They will love to hear that you are talking about their accomplishments to other people. Bragging about someone is the ultimate way to let them know that you are proud of them.

22. You did such a good job, even if it didn’t go the way you wanted it to go.

Failure is a part of life, and it is still something to be proud of. Ensure the special person in your life knows that you are proud of the hard work they put into trying.

This phrase will make them feel better about how it went, and they will want to try again. When the person sees that you are proud of them despite the situation not going well, they will find comfort and reassurance.

23. Wow, good job! What did you do differently this time?

If you notice that someone did an even better job than usual, acknowledge it. By asking what they did differently, they will see that you are proud of them for figuring it out.

24. All of your hard work paid off!

Instead of simply saying that you are proud, use this phrase instead. It explains the same thing but focuses on the hard work that went into it.

25. It must have taken a lot of work to make this much progress!

Even when the task isn’t done, you can tell someone that you are proud of them. Praising the progress can be more effective than praising the result.

26. Watching you come this far has been such an inspiration.

Acknowledge someone’s journey, and they will know that you are proud. Telling the important person that it has been an inspiration will only solidify that belief in their mind.

27. You have earned every bit of your achievements.

You might sometimes hear that someone received an achievement that they didn’t deserve. Ensure the person knows that you don’t feel that way about their accomplishments. This phrase will let them know that you are proud and that you recognize their effort and talent.

28. I’m honored to be part of your life.

If you are honored to be in someone’s life, it will allow them to see that you are proud of them. This statement doesn’t have to come after any significant achievement, either. You can use it anytime you want to let someone know how you feel.

29. It has been an honor to watch you come this far.

With each small step of the journey, make sure the person knows how you feel. This phrase is the perfect way to let them know.

30. I’m impressed that you can do that! When did you learn?

By being impressed by what they can do, you are showing that you recognize achievement. It shows that you know not everyone can do it, highlighting their talent.

proud of you

Final Thoughts on  These Thirty Ways to Say I’m Proud of You to A Special Person

When you want to say “I’m proud of you” but want to switch up the wording a little, try these phrases. These phrases focus on the processes, hard work, dedication, and talent that go into an achievement.

By focusing on those aspects instead of only the result, the person in your life will feel even better. These ways to say “I’m proud of you” offer a little more emotion and personalization, which will be beneficial all the way around.

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