5 Ways To Stop Struggling And Suffering (And How To Live A Fulfilling Life)

1.    Perform Acts Of Kindness

Being kind to others allows you to shift the focus away from yourself and onto others. While you need to prioritize yourself, when you have the time to spare, using it to devote yourself to helping others is a wonderful way to feel fulfilled.

Research has found that positive social behavior can decrease feelings of stress while improving mood, strengthening relationships, and even leading to better physical health! Here are some ways to perform acts of kindness:

  • Be a shoulder for someone to cry on
  • Volunteer with or donate to a cause you believe in
  • Do a favor for someone else.
  • Give a gift to someone you care about
  • Give a massage to a significant other

2.    Leave Your Comfort Zone

Remaining in a bubble where you only ever feel safe and secure sounds nice, but it can stifle you and prevent you from reaching your full potential or fulfillment. It’s always nice to have order in your life, but you could do with a challenge, too!

Research has found that people who leave their comfort zone enjoy more positive progress in their personal learning journeys. It gives you:

  • New experiences
  • Tough lessons
  • Additional insight
  • More options in life
  • Chances to find passions

So every day, do something that puts you a little outside of your comfort zone. Learn to challenge yourself and get comfortable with discomfort. You will always learn more and be happier by doing more than doing less, and no one feels fulfilled from being bored.

3.    Prioritize Your Health

A healthy body makes for a healthy mind. It sounds “lame” to have to be physically healthy to be mentally healthy, but health allows you to live longer and enjoy more things without suffering from them. Here are some ways you should prioritize your health:

·         Exercise

It would help if you were exercising regularly. 150 minutes of elevated heart rate per week is all you need, so get started on scheduling some physical activity. You don’t need to hit a gym, either – dance your heart out, play sports, do some gardening, or even go for a brisk walk!

·         Eat Well

You don’t need to have a perfect diet, but eating balanced meals and making mindful food choices will allow you to feel better. Limit your unhealthy treats, so they truly feel like rare rewards, don’t skip meals, and eat good, reasonable servings.

·         Get Enough Sleep

A lack of sleep makes you feel terrible, and it’s hard to feel fulfilled when you feel awful! Make sure you’re getting at least 7 hours of sleep every night, and if you’re still tired after that, see a doctor find ways to help!

4.    Go For Your Dreams

You only get one life, and if there’s something you’re passionate about or something you’re dreaming of, you should go for it! While your passions and accomplishments can’t solve all your problems, they can certainly contribute to feelings of success and fulfillment.

Of course, achieving goals is easier said than done, and it’s easy to go about it the wrong way. Here are some tips for achieving your dreams:

  • Create measurable, reasonable, and deadlined short-term and long-term goals
  • Surround yourself with people who support you and your dreams
  • Join communities of people who have similar dreams
  • Learn to take calculated and reasonable risks with healthy backup plans
  • Don’t let anyone ridicule your dreams.
  • Remember that progress isn’t linear, and it’s okay to have both bad and good days as long as you keep learning and don’t stop moving forward.
  • Let yourself rest now and then, and don’t overwork your efforts to the point of burnout.
  • Keep your expectations challenging but reasonable.

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Final Thoughts On Some Ways To Stop Struggling And Suffering To Live A Fulfilling Life

There are many ways to overcome your struggles and create a fulfilling life. Your unique life journey can lead you there if you put effort into it. The power always lies within you!

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