alive’s March 2021 Challenge: Dedicate to Meditate

Meditation for Beginners

Hey there, did you move more in February? The alive team got pretty into it. Here are a couple of heartfelt takeaways from our crew.

“The Feb challenge for me has been about making a commitment to my mat. A commitment to having the mat unrolled by 5 am, and doing something (anything) each day … Just getting the mat out, having it stare at my while I sipped my coffee, was the small action I needed to get moving. Feeling fab and my heart is thanking me!” – Nina, alive’s associate publisher and resident early riser

“I started going to the gym consistently this year and upped the ante in February. It’s definitely made me feel a lot healthier (and sore) and even helped diminish my cravings for fast food (mostly).” – Fraser, alive editor

Next up? In March, we challenge you to start a meditation practice. Praised by Silicon Valley CEOs and charismatic TV personalities alike, meditation is an amazing tool for productivity and stress relief (something we could all use a little more of). Yet many of us still haven’t tapped into its proven benefits because, well … meditation just isn’t our thing.

Here’s your chance to replenish your body and mind with daily moments of meditation. Take it slow, and focus on finding the joy in stillness.

As you probably know by now, each week of alive’s 12 Months of Wellness focuses on one mini goal as a stepping stone toward the bigger monthly objective. You’ll find the weekly focuses with key tips below. You can also download, screenshot, or print out our PDF calendar with daily to-dos.

  • Adopt a calming hobby, like knitting, jigsaw puzzles, or coloring.
  • Listen to music that helps relax you.
  • Journal about your day, your dreams, or reasons why you’re grateful.

  • Get familiar with guided versus unguided meditation, and try each.
  • Create your own personal mantra, or choose one from the pros, and meditate to it.
  • Try an online meditation class, or follow along with a YouTube video or podcast.

  • Designate an area of your home for meditation, and make it your own sanctuary.
  • Download and use a meditation app like Headspace to help keep you on track.
  • Personalize a meditation routine that works for you: perhaps morning or evening?

  • Bring mindfulness into the kitchen and dining room: notice and savor the colors, smells, and textures of food.
  • Practice your breathing exercises in stressful parts of your day, like your commute or in lineups.
  • Find a quiet place to meditate in nature.

Will you dedicate to meditate this month? Share your journey on Facebook or Instagram and tag #aliveWellnessChallenge so we can cheer you on.

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