How to Stay Connected With Your Family During Tough Times

The coronavirus pandemic has reminded us of how lonely we people actually are. We assumed social life is the only interaction we need, and when we are at our homes, we are good enough on our own. However, the year 2020 has shown us how untrue and flawed this world-view of ours is.

Importance of Spending Time with Family

The importance of spending time with one’s own family can be divided into three aspects. In other words, spending time is important for us (and society) in three different ways.

They are as follows:

Social importance

In a society, the closest and most intimate connection is that of a family. When a couple falls in love and moves in together, they also become a family. Spending time with family is important because everyone in society needs others that are extremely intimate with them, and the only family can fill that role. Without family, there is misery and insecurity because even friends, despite how close they can be, cannot be with you at all times.

Psychological importance

Humans are social animals, and despite how introverted one maybe, if they do not have a family with them, they will find themselves being utterly miserable. Some of us think we are doing fine even without family, but we fail to realize the psychological impact of our loneliness, especially if we never got the privilege to actually spend time with our families.

Moral Importance

Spending time with our family may also be considered a moral obligation for us. For instance, we have parents that sacrificed everything for us to make us who we are today. Now that they need us, it would be wrong for us to leave them alone and abandon them.

  • Similarly, children then we brought into this world, are quite helpless and do need someone to be there for them and fulfill their needs.
  • If we do not fill this gap, it will lead to psychological issues on an individual level, that may corrupt our society collectively.

However, if one had abusive parents that is another story. Though one must not put their children through the same misery.

How to stay connected to your Family in tough times?

Now that the importance of spending time with one’s family is understood, we need to understand how to spend time with them. Especially in these tough times of pandemics, when everyone is far away from their families and cannot even meet them, physically.

Make a WhatsApp group with them

Making a WhatsApp group with your loved ones (i.e., family) is a pretty good idea. People tend to share a lot of memes, jokes, or interesting posts on WhatsApp, and may also send their daily updates in the group.

This keeps the family in good contact and well-integrated, and also pulls away all the reasons for the family to be apart or disjointed.

You can share your best moments with your family on WhatsApp and also go for occasional group calls. Nothing could be more wonderful than that.

Call them often and inquire about their health

You need to call the people in your family often to ask about how they are doing, if they need any help or assistance, or if they need someone to talk to.

  • These times are tough, and the best way to get through them is to communicate with each other. Calling them will also reduce the load on their chest.
  • Regular calls will keep us all connected, and will allow for swift action in case anything goes wrong. If someone is infected, we can run their errands and help them through communication.

Serve them if they have the coronavirus

If they have the coronavirus, we need to be there for them, in a way that we are not physically in contact with them. For that, you may cook food and send it over to them, or visit them from a distance now and then. You could also arrange a ventilator for them if things are becoming serious.

Once they have recovered and are immune, you should pay them a visit given you are finally immune to the virus too. This will help you all make good memories in these tough times.

Send them gifts every now and then

If your circumstances do not allow you to meet physically, you should make them aware of your presence and support by sending them gifts in succession, every now and then. This will let them know that you care for them, and it will keep them connected to you from the heart.

To give the perfect gift, you may also want to know what they need. For that, you should keep in contact with them through email or other modern communication services.

Give them updates about your life

If you are comfortable with it, you can let your family know what’s going on in your life at all times. This includes sending them pictures of what you cooked, and jokingly telling them “I wish I could share this with you.” This will increase the feeling of goodwill between you and your family.

When they know of all the minute details of your life, they will probably start sending the details of their life to you, and this will lead to a greater connection between the family members.

Keep them in your thoughts and prayers

Lastly, you should keep your family in your thoughts and prayers daily. While this may not impact them if they are unaware of it, it will cleanse your heart and develop love in your heart for them. Your mindfulness and prayers will be helpful because God is always willing to fulfill your prayers to Him.

Moreover, you can also encourage your family members to keep you in their thoughts and prayers as it will give them the same experience as you, and it will lead to mutual goodwill.

Final Remarks:

If we maintain our ties and build up our bonding, it will make our life merrier. However, it is understood that not everyone had good parents, and it can be tough. At least, one can build it with their current family.

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