The Purchase of Organic Products Rises 53%

According to data from the US market measurement company, Nielsen, users prefer the acquisition of brands that focus on health care.

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January 8, 2021 2 min read

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This story originally appeared on Alto Nivel

The interest of Mexicans to eat better and acquire habits that benefit their health is growing, as the data recorded by the Nielsen consulting firm reveal this. The company announced the annual variation in sales by segment from October to December 2020 , which shows the growth of 53 percent in the consumption of organic products, 30 percent in the purchase of products low in sugar, sodium and fats and 17 percent in the sale of natural products.

Image: Nielsen Connect Mexico

There is a modification in the habits of users , after the new labeling came into effect a few months ago, now people in Mexico buy a greater amount of natural products, according to the information indicated in said study.

“The brands that communicate health care in a very assertive way are standing out, everything that is probiotics, added with vitamins, everything that declares on the packaging to be natural is growing, everything organic is growing like never before”, he mentioned Yanira Reyes, leader in the analysis of Nielsen Connect México to the El Financiero medium.

That said, natural products increased their sales 17 percent annually, and the ingredients identified as trending, which include probiotics, proteins, matcha and chai, rose 16 percent in sales.

“They are products that have a 14 percent markup , there is an interesting market niche and that is willing to pay for this type of very clear differentials. The available spending is not that it has grown, we are in a context of crisis, but it is a reconformation of letting go of some products to enter the baskets, ” Reyes told said media.

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