There Are No Shortcuts to Greatness

The legendary running back and managing partner of the Edward George Wealth Management Group talks about his career in financial services.

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December 29, 2020 1 min read

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Eddie George is a Heisman Trophy winner, former running back and a managing partner and financial adviser for his eponymous . In this episode of #ThePlaybook, George talks with host David Meltzer about the lessons he learned from , his father’s influence and how he became involved with World Financial Group (WFG).

George explains how he learned that there are no shortcuts to success in football or in life. He says it took him getting through and taking punches to learn the lessons he needed to be successful.

George and Meltzer discuss the influences their fathers had on their careers, George explaining that his father suffered from substance addiction, serving as a cautionary tale. George sought greatness as a football player to make his father proud.

George talks about how his passion for helping others got him involved in financial services, first as a financial advisor and managing partner of his business and then as an ambassador and spokesperson for WFG. He says it’s important to understand products as a seller and as a consumer.

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