They develop in Spain a mask that claims to deactivate coronavirus in two hours

The company that developed the product only sells it through its website at a price of 60 euros – about 1,500 pesos – for 25 face masks.

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January 20, 2021 3 min read

This article was translated from our Spanish edition using AI technologies. Errors may exist due to this process.

In Spain, the company dedicated to the development and manufacture of nano materials microstructures, Bioinicia, the hand of the Higher Council for Scientific Research (CSIC) of Spain and signature Palens, created a mask that currently has a cost of 60 euros per pack – approximately 1,500 Mexican pesos – that is, for 25 masks integrated in it, each one has the price of 2.40 euros.

The group of experts developed these face masks that guarantee to have filters to deactivate many kinds of coronavirus in an average time of two hours and with an effectiveness that reaches almost 100 percent, providing protection against Covid-19.

The Bioinicia company markets this face mask through its website through its Proveil brand, which states that the product has been certified by multiple health regulations, among which they have been applied within the European Union.

Among the outstanding elements in the development of this mask are the nanofibers, whose air filtrations are mechanical and not electrostatic, generating a presentation with uniform morphology with a pore size much smaller than that of traditional meltblown polypropylene filters.

“It allows air, with an approximate size of 4 nanometers, to pass through, while filtering viral aerosols, bacteria and suspended particles. It is known that the size of viruses varies between 80 and 160 nanometers ”.

To respond to current needs, the CSIC and Bioinicia dedicated their resources to the development of this filter, which would protect key workers from the virus, it also changed its pharmaceutical manufacturing plant to produce Proveil for supply to mask manufacturers throughout Europe.

It is worth mentioning that most of the masks currently used are based on polypropylene melt blown nonwoven fibers, interspersed between layers.

In this case, it has an efficiency for the filtration of small particles in the air and is based on electrostatic surface charges that attract and capture these elements from the air and that pass through the filter. This electrostatic filtering effect only works when the mask is dry and disappears quickly during use.

In the case of Proveil , it is different, because it is a thin layer of nanofibers , with diameters more than ten times smaller than conventional fibers, providing a highly effective mechanical filtration for small particles in the air, without losing efficiency over time. weather.

Where to buy the CSIC masks?

Bioinicia has been selling the masks through its online store since last January 18. It also plans to expand its distribution to other marketing channels, such as pharmacies.

The pack of masks is worth 60 euros, which is equivalent to 2.40 euros for each one, since 25 are included. It is worth mentioning that the PLNS1619 model, which has no viricide, is available for a price of 47.50 euros per 25 units.

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