Bill Gates Predicts What 2021 Will Be Like, Alerts Us to Our Immediate Future

The tycoon has predictions about how the pandemic will evolve throughout this year, and when things could return to normal.

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January 5, 2021 4 min read

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Businessman, computer and philanthropist, Bill Gates, was able to predict on a health crisis like the one currently being experienced due to the Covid-19. Later, he guessed which pharmacist would start the first dose. In the same way, he has expressed about when the pandemic will end and what changes will remain. He immediately announced what 2021 could be like and not everything is encouraging.

The Microsoft co-founder announced through his blog an article entitled “These advances will make 2021 better than 2020 “, in which he reflects on the lessons learned in the previous year, as well as what we can expect to see. this 2021.

The first months of 2021 will be difficult

According to some computer models , we are not out of the woods, the next few months could be the deadliest due to coronavirus infections , particularly due to the need to know more about the new strain of virus that has emerged, ‘which seems to be spreading faster, but not deadlier. ‘

He warned that the issue of Covid-19 will continue to be on the political agenda around the world, whose subject we will continue to hear very often. In fact, he mentioned that he estimates that most of his time this year will be spent talking with world leaders about the coronavirus and also about climate change.

The great challenge of vaccine distribution for countries

Although the arrival of vaccines has been a great step that has created hope for the whole world, the businessman warns that the mass production and distribution of vaccines will be a great challenge for countries.

“Unfortunately, there are still not many factories where you can build mRNA products. Some must also be stored at temperatures as low as -70 ° C, which makes them particularly difficult to distribute in developing countries , although this is more of an engineering challenge than a scientific barrier, ”the entrepreneur points out in his publication.

The good news is that, according to Gates , there will be representative changes in the way that countries conduct tests that will be cheaper and immediate , making these uncomfortable tests obsolete . “

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Not everything will be so bleak, throw hopeful messages

That said, the businessman gave encouraging messages : “Human beings have never advanced more in any disease in a year than with Covid-19 and, in that sense, the philanthropist considers that 2021 will be a year full of hope .”

“Still there are two main reasons to be hopeful . One is that masks , social distancing and other interventions can slow the spread of the virus and save lives while vaccines are being implemented , ”he says in his article.

The second reason to be optimistic is that “in the spring of 2021, the vaccines and treatments that you have been reading about in the news will begin to reach the scale where they will have a global impact.” However, some restrictions will still be necessary , the number of cases will begin to decrease a lot – “at least in rich countries” – and life will be much closer to normal.

The expert added that “A year from now, I think we will be able to look back and say that 2021 was an improvement over 2020. The change may not be huge, but it will be a step forward , remarkable and measurable for people all over the world. the world ”, concludes the businessman in his article.

It is not the first time that Bill Gates has dared to predict what will happen in the following months or years. The expert is usually right in his predictions, so it is not surprising that many are attentive to what he says.

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